Female magician & fire artist: Close up & stage magic, fire breather, Fireshows, firedancer.

Active in Europe


Gracefully wonderful

If you are searching for something original and most of all overwhelming for your event, you are in the right place. Julia is a new generation entertainer that will show her audience the best of fire art and magic.

She will steal everyone’s attention to drag them into her magical and mysterious world.

She performs close up magic and stage magic on a top level. She is also a well-known fire dancer, fire breather and fire eater. Discover all her shows in magic and fire for small and big events, weddings, festivals, birthday parties, company events, and many more.


All our fire entertainment is safe and suitable for all ages.


Close up magic and stage magic with a female touch.


Make a lasting impression with an original lightshow.

Fire stunts

Professional fire stunts for video and photoshooting.

Magic or fire?

Ever thought on taking both performances for your event?

Get the most of entertainment at your party.

About Julia Arts

“I want to turn everyone’s dreamed entertainment into reality.”

This professional fire artist gives priority to safety and perfection.

Julia’s knowledge in fire safety can guarantee the safest fire shows you can find on the market without taking the show value away. At least one safety person is present during the whole fire show!